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Are you looking for a postpartum midwife or a private postpartum training?

Luzia Weidmann, midwife


Luzia is your experienced midwife and pelvic floor trainer who supports expectant mothers and families in the Wettingen area during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Our services are designed to offer you comfortable and expert care in your own home.


Our offer includes:

  • Prenatal care: Professional support and advice throughout your pregnancy to give you a feeling of security.

  • Birth preparation: courses and individual consultations so that you are optimally prepared for the birth.

  • Postpartum care: We are at your side in the first few weeks after the birth to help you recover and adjust to this new phase of your life as parents.

  • Breastfeeding advice: VIDA offers help with breastfeeding problems and comprehensive advice on breastfeeding to make it easier for you to start breastfeeding.

  • Pelvic floor exercises: courses to strengthen the pelvic floor to promote health and well-being after birth.


Telemedical services:

For even more flexible care, we offer additional telemedicine services, including spontaneous consultation appointments within 24 hours, flexible appointment scheduling online, by phone or email, as well as video telephony and telephone consultation to supplement personal care.

Home visits in Wettingen and surrounding areas:

Our service extends to Wettingen and surrounding areas.


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