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Is VIDA the right place to go?

Midwives are experts in pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. We provide support from the start of pregnancy until about 3 months after birth. We can also assist with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and weaning, even beyond the postpartum period.


If you're unsure if midwives are the right people to answer your questions, feel free to contact us through the contact form for an initial assessment.

How are prices defined?

The prices for breastfeeding advice are regulated nationally. The prices for consultations and courses need to cover all costs. We follow recommendations from the Swiss Association of Midwives and consider expenditure per consultation.

Telemedical consultations are a new service in midwifery, and we prioritize data protection and device security. To cover costs, we also charge a flat rate for materials. Prices are regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed.

What does basic insurance cover?

Costs covered by basic insurance in Switzerland include:

  • 7 pregnancy checks with a midwife or gynaecologist

  • 2 ultrasound checks with a gynaecologist

  • CHF 150 toward a consultation or birth preparation course with a midwife

  • 16 postpartum midwife visits for first birth, multiple birth, premature births, or Caesarean section

  • 10 postpartum midwife visits for the second child onwards

  • 3 breastfeeding consultations 

Breastfeeding advice is the only service that can officially take place by telephone or on-site. The sum of CHF 150 for a consultation or course is currently not regulated by law. Unfortunately, health insurance companies are not obligated to cover these costs when consultations or courses occur virtually. However, some health insurance companies may be accommodating, so we recommend submitting the invoices and requesting coverage. The other services cannot be conducted online.

What does supplementary insurance cover?

Supplementary insurance may cover certain midwifery services, such as courses or consultations, but it is important to note that these additional services are not contractually regulated. We recommend contacting your health insurance company to confirm coverage before making any bookings.

I have to cancel an appointment – will I get my money back?

We understand that unexpected events can occur, such as a child falling ill or work obligations. We offer the following options for appointment cancellations:

Cancellation up to 24 hours before the appointment:

Full refund.
Appointment cancellations up to 12 hours before the appointment: One-time free postponement is possible.


In the case of later cancellations or no-shows, the entire amount will be charged.

Is VIDA Midwives Online GmbH the right place to go in an emergency?

No, VIDA Midwives Online GmbH is not a point of contact in an emergency. In emergency situations, please dial the emergency hotline and go to a doctor's office or hospital.

Do our current services not quite meet your needs yet?

If you require additional advice, such as ongoing messenger contact over several weeks, please contact us via the contact form with a description of your needs. We will then assess the feasibility and provide you with an individual offer if possible.

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