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Breastfeeding advice

Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or solids

  • 40 Minuten
  • insurance covered


Everything you need to know about your baby's nutrition. Do you have questions about breastfeeding, weaning, introducing solids, or bottle feeding? Do you feel unsure because your baby isn't gaining enough or is gaining too much weight? Are you facing challenges like a blocked milk duct and want to speak with a specialist immediately without having to go anywhere? Our telemedicine lactation consultation is available seven days a week for you. ------- For all our services, we are available to answer any questions via chat for 24 hours after the course or consultation. Basic health insurance in Switzerland covers three lactation consultations. However, if you require more than three, you can request a prescription from your gynaecologist.


Uitikonerstrasse 23, 8952 Schlieren, Switzerland

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